Ask The Lawyer By: Daniel A. Gwinn, Esq. It’s essential to know the difference between your Will and your designated beneficiaries for your estate plan

Dan-Gwin-new-photo-150x150It’s essential to know the difference between your Will and your designated beneficiaries for your estate plan

QUESTION: I am single now, and have a will leaving my estate in equal shares to my children. I also have several accounts established before I had a family that named my sister as my beneficiary. Now that I have my own children, I no longer want my sister or her family to inherit my assets. Will the personal representative of my will divide those accounts listing my sister as beneficiary to my children or do I need to make a change?

ANSWER: You need to make a change. Most people have accounts with named beneficiaries, including retirement plans, life insurance policies, or other financial assets. As time passes and your life changes, the people you formerly named as beneficiaries are also likely to change.

Financial assets with named beneficiaries pass directly to the named beneficiary after you die, even though your Will may state you wish to have your assets divided in equal shares among your children, omitting your sister. If you have an account with your sister as a named beneficiary and your current wish is to leave that account to your children, you need to change the beneficiaries listed on the asset from your sister to your children with the financial institution where the asset is managed or held.

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